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Can a long-distance relationship survive?

My wife has just been transferred to another state for work. It is a promotion, and there is no question she should have taken it. I have no prospects in that city, so we have decided to have a long-distance relationship. We see each other most weekends, but I’m finding that I don’t want a […]


My wife has found God. Have I lost her?

My wife has recently found God. She has started going to church every Sunday and favours spending time with her co-believers rather than the friends we have made together. I feel very isolated as I don’t share her faith and I feel that her new interest is creating a wedge between us. You are right. […]


How do I stop giving up?

Why do some people give up when others keep going? New research suggests it is to do with the individual’s mindset. Do you have a ‘set mindset’ or a ‘growth mindset?’ Success or not largely depends on which one you have.


What do I do when I haven’t got time for sex?

I love my husband and we have a good marriage of 8 years. Our only problem is sex. I can’t be bothered with it and I haven’t got the time. There is always so much else to be done. My girlfriends tell me they feel the same. Where has our sex drive gone? Don’t worry. […]


Do I need psychological help?

I am a self-funded retiree. My family tells me I am peculiar and would benefit from consulting a psychologist. I am extremely penny-pinching when it comes to my own temporary comfort, prefer living alone and, if angered, I have a sharp and vicious tongue. Can you suggest a direction? Are you unhappy? Your family might […]


Our Facebook Page

Did you know that North Brisbane Psychologists has a Facebook page? We know how to heal emotional problems and an important part of healing is poetically outlined in this post from our Facebook page. Please feel free to like us if you would like to receive our thoughts, tips, memes and ideas. https://www.facebook.com/northbrisbanepsychologist/             […]


ADHD and the attention span of children

Children and young adults are more anxious, depressed and hyperactive than children were thirty years ago. Hyperactivity is the leading mental health issue for young people. Over eleven percent of Australian children are diagnosed with the condition and that number increases each year. The treatment usually offered to worried parents is drugs. For Attention Deficit […]