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Is flirting harmless?

Flirting is fabulous fun, when you are the flirt, but not so much fun when your partner is the flirt. Flirting initiates potential sexual relationships. You and your partner probably flirted with each other early in your relationship. Maybe you flirt just a little now. And if you do, you surely enjoy it. But what […]


My close friend died. How do I cope?

A very good friend of mine died recently in an accident and I am still having trouble dealing with the grief. I’m in my 30s and previously had an active social life. But now I feel weepy, down, and I would rather go home to bed than go out. It’s six weeks since his death, […]


How do I manage my argumentative, adult sons?

I have two adult sons who are very different. They have fallen out and refuse to talk even calling to make sure the other has left before visiting. Each complains about the other and wants me to take sides. I
love them both so how do I handle this? We all want the people we love to get along […]


What do I do about summer odour?

Summer is a time we have come to dread in our small office due to the poor hygiene habits of a colleague. I don’t know whether he has a health problem or just doesn’t wear the right deodorant, but he smells pretty offensive. Trouble is, everyone likes the guy (especially in winter) and no one […]