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Why Cry?

“Crying is good”, I say to my clients. “You gotta cry!” I just googled “songs with the word cry in the title” and I found several dozen in one minute. But this important adaptation that humans have developed, while widely accepted in our music and literature, is seldom revered in daily life. I am surprised […]


Can you choose how you feel?

If it was easy to choose how you feel, I assume you would always choose to feel good. Since you don’t always feel good, you are not easily able to choose how you feel. However you can begin a process to increase your ability to feel good more often. I believe our feelings are guidance. […]


Can my relationship be fixed?

By attending counselling, you give your relationship the best chance of being improved. Many relationships can be saved, but not all. The most important predictor of the durability of a relationship is the level of motivation of each of the individuals to continue the relationship. If both are really keen to make it work, chances […]


How to get motivated and move forward

Motivation naturally dies when you are tired. Physical illness can make you tired and unmotivated. If you are tired, visit your doctor for a health check to rule ill health out. If you are still unmotivated, you are emotionally blocked. Emotional blocks always involve an internal conflict. Here are some examples: Evan wants to study […]


What is depression?

A number of symptoms make up a diagnosis of depression including appetite reduction, feelings of worthlessness and little interest in life. However the most central and obvious symptom is low mood. Many people suffer brief episodes of depression. When an individual suffers repeated episodes of depression and those episodes last longer and longer, the depression […]