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What causes depression?

Depression always involves a conflict. This conflict overwhelms us so much that we avoid thinking about it. Instead we continue on as if there is no problem at all. Usually the problem doesn’t go away, more likely, it gets worse. We suspect this. Now we work harder at distraction. Any distressing feelings are automatically buried. […]


How to develop emotional freedom

Are you emotionally reactive? Do you sometimes feel emotionally out of control? If so, you lack what I call “emotional freedom.” Others might call this emotional intelligence. You have emotional freedom when: You are fully aware of your emotions. You accept the emotions that arise within you. You value your emotions. You trust your emotions. […]


How to release fears

Everyone lives with fear. Your fears can prevent you achieving what you want in life. Some people think fear is a necessary evil. I do not agree and I explain why in my article “How to develop emotional freedom”. Fears affect you more powerfully when they are ignored or pushed away. Once you confront your […]


Tips for starting a relationship without getting hurt

I was wondering how you start a relationship without getting hurt? Starting a relationship can be scary and daunting. Luckily you can minimize your chances of suffering pain. I am going to outline several tips you can use to start a relationship without getting hurt. Most people who have not found a partner would like […]